Man of Steel Fan Event Live on Yahoo

The Man of Steel Fan Event live on Yahoo, featuring Zach Snyder, Amy Adams, Nick Cavill, and special host Kevin Smith last Saturday Oct. 9th was awesome. Time after time I get to work on really neat projects with Kevin Smith and his crew. This one definitely was another something exciting to be a part of!

Key points to my day
-Early call time 6am! means an earlier start to the day… I am game.
-Hearing first, the future of Snyder’s next Superman meets Batman Film!
-listening to the cast first hand talk about their experience on such a huge film= inspirational.
-Kev’s grooming looked the usual badass
-Kev’s Jersey was one of the original “Superman” logos from the film that was made special for his Jersey! DOPE.
-I should really blog more :).