Jordan Monsanto and Jason Mewes

Dream team to perfection. A fantastic day of shooting with some of my favorite people; beautiful Jordan Monsanto, hilarious Jason Mewes, talented and renowned photographer Allan Amato, and my dear friend and fab stylist Ashley Roberts. Together we created a look for Jordan and Jason which was very clean and polished.

Because Allan used a minimalist grey background, and Ashley styled black and white, I chose the place of color. A pop of deep blood maroon red on Jordan’s lips really set the stage.

However, her overall makeup also followed the minimalist theme keeping her eyes on the lighter side and focusing on popping her cheek bones and chiseled features. Using whites on the inside of the eye and corners and adding flared natural looking individual lashes helped me to open up and add a glow to the overall eye. In one of the photos, I loved creating a look for Jay and Jordan to match their suits. Both had their hair long, sleek, and slicked back w/ a touch of volume. #helmut Lang

Picture this something Like an early Rolling Stone cover… Check it out! #inspiredby